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    About us

    Company Tour

    Founded in 2014, Changzhou Golden Sensing Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech company engaged in research, development, production, sales, and technical services. The company is dedicated to various types of high-tech products like new type of sensors, intelligent vision systems, digital measuring instruments, and non-destructive flaw detection devices.

    As a rapidly growing technology-based enterprise, the pursuit of excellence is our aspiration. In technical field, we strive for innovation, originality, and leadership. In product development, we aim at high technology, high performance, and cost-effective products. In customer service, we deliver excellent service quality, good return, and high level of customer service.

    The company has successfully developed the different types of new products, which are applied in robotics, intelligent manufacturing, aerospace, energy & transport extensively.

    Located in Changzhou Science & Education Town, Golden owns advantages of graceful environment, convenient transportation, and complete supporting facilities. In addition, unique humanities as well as advancing teaching & research environment and complete upstream and downstream supply chain boost the rapid development of enterprises.

    Our development goal is to become an international well-known as well as domestic first class company in the area of new sensor and measuring instruments development with original technologies. On the other hand, we aim at providing high-end products to professional manufacturers.

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